Landscape lighting is what brings out your property. It lets everyone see the beauty of your yard and offers you safety and peace of mind. 

Specific trends are becoming increasingly popular to bring out everything the most in your yard. Here are the top 7 trends in landscape lighting.


LED Bulbs

Bulbs and fixtures are very popular when it comes to landscape lighting. LEDs are the most reliable and they have been around for many years. You have a choice of colors, tones, and hues to capture all of the beauty of your property. 

LEDs are the most flexible and we can adjust them to your property. This means that during the installation we will customize everything to bring out your yard, fence, and outdoor spaces. 


The Soft Light Option

Soft lighting is one of the most in-demand options for landscape lighting. Everyone wants to simulate the moonlight to set the mood and tone. We will come out and install everything to give you the tone and atmosphere you want. 



The pathways are critical for lighting the front walk and driveways. You want to offer a well-lit pathway that showcases all of your hard work to those that are coming onto your property. We are the best at installing landscape lighting in Coral Springs and will make your walkway, driveways, and pathways look great. 


Hardscapes light on the edges and corners of pathways on your property. These lights are placed in brick walls to bring out a contemporary look and feel. Our team will give you the perfect hardscapes that capture all of your property’s beauty. 


Task Lighting

Task lighting illuminates your kitchen and areas where you perform different tasks. Everything is bright and adds to the mood of any room. 



Some people want to capture the beauty of their water and showcase it at night. This involves installing lighting that is inside enclosed ponds, pools, or water areas. Our team of dedicated professionals has the knowledge and experience to create the perfect lighting for your water areas. We know what to do to bring out its beauty and character. 


Dark Lighting

Many municipalities have ordinances against excessive lighting at certain times. Dark lighting uses bulbs and fixtures that are less intense with glare shields. Numerous residential and business customers like how it reduces glare so they can run their lights later. This keeps them in compliance with zoning laws and it gives them the lighting they need. 


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