Common Electrical Repairs to Avoid

All electrical systems are prone to wear and tear, and they all have a certain lifespan. From the simplest of lighting systems to more complicated HVAC systems, nothing lasts forever. When these systems get damaged or run their course, we need to repair or replace them.

When it comes to common and seemingly simple electrical repairs in Coral Springs, most homeowners tend to DIY it. This helps to save repair costs, but a lot of people do it because they think it isn’t too dangerous.

However, you would be surprised to learn that many of the most common and seemingly simple repairs are best left to professionals. This is because not only are electrical repairs dangerous, but some of them are more complex than they seem.

Let’s discuss some of these common electrical repairs to avoid, so you know exactly when to contact a good electrical contractor in Coral Springs, like the ones at Excel Electrical Group.

Common Electrical Repairs to Avoid

Here are some common electrical repairs you should avoid handling yourself.

·         Flickering or Dimmed Lights

This is perhaps the most common electrical issue that most people think can be fixed by replacing the light or fixture. However, this is usually not the case because it is typically a sign of a faulty electrical connection.

Replacing the light or fixture may not do you any good. Moreover, a faulty connection can easily result in arcing, sparking, and excessive heating, all of which are fire hazards. If this is not taken care of immediately by a professional, there is a high chance of a fire occurring.

·         Dead Cables and Outlets:

Often, excess heat buildup can result in one of your home’s electrical cables or outlets’ meltdown. This is a common issue that is typically caused by a tripped circuit. While you may think a simple replacement would fix it, the job may be slightly more complex because of an underlying issue.

This makes the job better suited for a professional. Moreover, a dead outlet is highly dangerous to repair, as it can easily electrocute you or cause a large spark that trips the circuit breaker.

·         Frequent Burnout of Bulbs

Homeowners tend to think that when bulbs burn out frequently, it is simply because of overuse or a faulty bulb. However, it is more likely that caused by a loose or faulty connection inside the socket, or due to improper insulation.

Modern bulbs are designed with safety mechanisms so, when this happens, they automatically switch off to prevent a house fire from starting. You should always let a professional assess and handle such electrical repairs in Coral Springs.

·         Heated Switches

If you go to turn a light a switch on and you notice that the switch is warmer than usual or is significantly heated, you should immediately avoid direct contact or any attempts to repair it. Heated switches are a common electrical problem and one that can be caused by a number of underlying issues.

Most commonly, it is the result of a faulty wiring or improper connections. Left unchecked, it could easily result in sparks, short circuits, or a fire, which is why it needs the immediate attention of a professional. You should never make contact or try to repair it yourself as it can be highly dangerous.

·         Repeated Tripping of Breakers

Repeated or frequent tripping of breakers in your home is a strong sign that the breaker panel is stressed due to being overloaded. You could try to bring the load down, but this is not a permanent solution.

You need to either upgrade your load capacity or add additional circuits according to your usage requirements. It is never a good idea to handle breaker panels on your own, because it is not only dangerous, but you might end up creating more problems than solving them.


It is highly recommended that homeowners avoid DIY electrical repairs, as improper repairs and the involved risks are dangerous for the entire household. Even homeowners with knowledge of electrical systems or a history of fixing common electrical repairs should refrain from attempting repairs.

This is because you may not have the right tools, knowledge, or expertise to understand and repair the hidden, underlying issues.

Your best option is to let a professional electrical contractor in Coral Springs handle it. We recommend the expert professionals at Excel Electrical Group for all your electrical repairs in Coral Springs.

If you want to learn more about common electrical repairs to avoid, or if you want to request a free estimate for the electrical repairs of your home or commercial property, contact us here today.

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